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Treated Timber Cooling Towers
We manufacture Natural Draft , Induced Draft Cross Flow / Counter Flow type, Treated Timber Cooling Towers in single cell / Multi cell construction. There is no capacity limitation in multicell design. We have designed and supplied multi-cell tower of 9000 m3/hr capacity, each cell having 2250 m3/hr circulating water

and 15°C range at 4°C approach.


Pultruted FRP Cooling Towers
Induced Draft Counter Flow type Cooling Towers in Pultruted FRP Structure are manufactured by us as an alternative material to treated timber. There is no limitation in Capacity since multicell concept is adopted. Non clogging type PVC Splash bars are also equipped as fill media for specific application.More

FRP Cooling Towers

Natural Draft / Induced Draft Cross Flow & Counter Flow type FRP Cooling Towers are manufactured by us. Single cell tower capacity is limited to 400 TR. Multi cell concept is adopted for higher capacity. Non clogging FRP Towers are also manufactured for specific application. Maintenance free stationary micro spray distribution is our specialty.More

RCC Cooling Towers

Wetbulb offers both counter flow & crossflow design Cooling Towers in RCC Construction for large scale / capacity Cooling Applications. Different types and shapes of treated wooden splash bars, PVC honeycomb fills, Asbestos fills, PVC Splash Bars, etc. are used depending on application.More

Wetbulb Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower is an important equipment in your plant, which optimizes the process and ensures the best production yield. Major industries such as electricity generating, petroleum refining, chemical processing, sugar, air-conditioning and refrigeration, steel and so on use a vast assortment of Cooling Towers.
Wetbulb Cooling Towers is An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company and has accepted the challenge of keeping abreast with evolving technologies of the new millennium for meeting customers needs.
Wetbulb Cooling Towers, Offers Cooling Tower like Treated Timber Cooling Towers, FRP Cooling Towers and RCC Cooling Towers for various industrial application. Request Cooling Towers price quotes.

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